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Blackout Blackout

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Great song, but how do you guys make these songs, is their a new program kinda like flash but for audio??

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liljim responds:

In the case of these three tracks, there were just traditional instruments involved and musicians - 2 guitarists, with maybe three or four tracks laid down in total, bass player, vocalist and a drummer behind a drum kit.

As far as technology goes in all of this, there is a synth track that I laid down, but again - that was recorded straight to tape, rather than put through some program.

I think we probably used Cubase to send a metronome (a clicking sound at a certain speed) through from the control room (where the mixing desk is) to the drummer's booth, so he's playing to time (not sure whether that was the case in this track, but certainly in one of the three that I first uploaded).

Other than that, we were recording traditionally, where you have a control room and a set of sound booths with instruments and amplifiers etc rigged up to microphones.

The desk itself was a 24 track and was hooked up to 3 * 8 track ADAT tapes. ADAT was a progression from analogue, in that it's stored in digital format, but nowhere close to how things are done now with the progression in technology that we've had over the years.

ADAT tapes look kinda like the old VHS tapes... Here's more reading around all of that:

I still have all the old tapes from these recordings, which were taken in 1998... So in theory, I could either find a studio that still uses them, or probably even buy one of the machines, and transfer specific lines from the recordings for people to do remixes with.